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Managing Stress: Parental Stress May Affects Kids

Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on September 17, 2019

Every parent has first priority but there is no need to always be worried about it. All the responsibilities related to parenting can be fulfilled seamlessly and correctly without feeling any extra pressure on yourself.

People have many questions about the upbringing of children. They always try to ensure that there is no shortage of care for their children from anywhere. For this, they leave no stone unturned in their efforts. Still some parents get overly worried about small things. This has a negative impact on their mutual relations. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to give good care to the child. Taking care of all his needs for his balanced development is the first priority of every parent but there is no need to be always worried about it. All the responsibilities related to parenting can be fulfilled seamlessly and correctly without feeling any extra pressure on oneself.

Don’t compare your kids with others

As soon as the new baby arrives in the house, the parents are engaged in the exercise of raising them well. They are unnecessarily aware of his physical and mental development. Things like crying, shouting, strangling and stubbornness are inherently ingrained in children’s habits. It is pointless to worry about it. Some parents remain unduly stressed about the pace of physical and mental development of their children. They often compare it to the same children of their friends, relatives and neighbors. The pace of development of every child may be different from another in terms of learning to grow teeth, walk or speak.

If your son / daughter starts walking or speaking after two to three months compared to any other child, it is unfair to make a negative impression in my mind that my child’s physical-mental development is slow. Always remember that every child’s physical-mental structure is different from another. Therefore, it is unfair to consider your child as inferior on the basis of comparison. Every child is special in itself. So it is better that instead of finding flaws in it, you try to identify its merits.

Keep your mind calm

Children are trying to learn something from everything around them. Do not try to stop things like picking up and breaking them and considering them as indiscipline. Actually, they are learning a lot under this excuse. Trying to discipline a child before the age of three is futile. Yes, after his third birthday, you start loving him and start slowly controlling his habits, but it is not possible that he will accept everything from you at first. If a child has to be interrupted multiple times for a single mistake, do not consider it to be your parenting failure because it is a process that requires every parent to be two-four. It may cause you some fret, but controlling your anger is also an important part of parenting. If you keep your mind calm, then small mischiefs of children will not bother you at all.

Mutually help each other

Even today it is believed that child care is the responsibility of the mother, but the status of working couples living in single families of metros is slightly different. As the wife takes care of the house, she also goes to the office. In such a situation, the husband’s support is necessary for the good upbringing of the child. The preparation of sending him to school in the morning and getting homework done is essential for both parents to participate. Keeping in mind the needs of home and office, the division of work between husband and wife should be done in such a way that no one person has too much fatigue.

In spite of all the busyness, take some time for yourself, because it is important for you to be healthy and happy in order to take good care of the children. Don’t let the tension arising from everyday small troubles dominate yourself. Even if there is a mutual disagreement about something, do not talk in front of the child in a loud voice, because they can read facial expressions and body language very easily. The mutual quarrel of the parents has a very bad effect on the soft minds of the children. Therefore, for their right emotional development, it should always be your endeavor that the family environment remains pleasant.

Strong support system

Taking care of young children is itself a full-time job, in which it is natural to be tired. If you are working then your responsibility doubles. Therefore it is very important to have a strong support system at home. Trained and skilled domestic help in good care of the child will be very helpful for you. It would be better if grandparents or grandparents also stay with them. This will give them loving protection in your absence. Your relations with your neighbors should be so smooth that you can ask for help if you need it, but do not make it your habit, it is also important to take care of the convenience of others.

Understand the child’s attitude

Instead of scolding and treating any child’s behavior as wrong, try to understand his problems at once. Nowadays children start going to play school from the age of two and a half. Going out of the house for the first time in a new environment and trying to adjust there is a big challenge for them. Therefore, if your child expresses his anger by crying and crying, try to convince him patiently. Make him feel safe with your loving behavior.

Be social

Often people complain that our social life is over because of children, because it is very difficult to get along with them. Do not do this. Admittedly, it is not possible to take it with you everywhere, but then you should interact with your friends and relatives, whose children are similar to your son/ daughter. Share your experiences with them. With this, you will get the solution of many problems related to parenting. Instead of considering parenting as a separate work, if it is considered part of life, then you will always be stress free.

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Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on September 17, 2019

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