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Pregnancy and Teeth: Oral Health Affects Your Baby

Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on November 04, 2019

Pregnancy is the time for women to be very conscious and aware of their health. During this time, women consult the doctor about their primary health. But during all these things, they often ignore the cleanliness of teeth and mouth. Do you know that teeth play an essential role in health and comfortable delivery during pregnancy? Let’s discuss why mouth cleaning is necessary for a healthy delivery.

During pregnancy, nutritious diet along with cleaning the mouth and taking complete care of your body are necessary. At this time, women should keep themselves away from all worries and troubles. However, during this delicate period of pregnancy, they often forget that health problems start with the mouth. That is, if your mouth is completely healthy, then it will affect your entire health. A healthy mouth is vital during pregnancy. With this, you can not only prevent many diseases from happening, but you will not have any problem during pregnancy.

Role of mouth cleaning in pregnancy and delivery

It is well known that during pregnancy, it is essential to keep the mouth clean. This not only keeps the pregnant mother healthy but also helps in protecting the child from many diseases.

Brush twice a day

It has also been proved in many pieces of research that the chances of early birth of a child are increased due to gum diseases during pregnancy. With this, the chances of the child losing weight increases seven times. During this, regular mouth cleaning is necessary. Therefore brushing twice a day and using antimicrobial mouthwash is very important. However, research has yet to be done as to what extent gum diseases affect delivery. But some data prove that during pregnancy, there is an increased risk of premature birth for women with gum diseases.

Mouth cleaning for comfortable delivery

If you want a healthy birth, then mouth cleaning is a must. This can cause problems with your delivery. Tooth problem called pregnancy gingivitis (gingival problem during pregnancy) in common during pregnancy. Studies on pregnant and normal women have shown that gums swell in women during pregnancy and blood starts to come out of them. 8 out of 10 women complain of gingival weakness and other oral diseases. But if gum diseases are detected early during pregnancy, it can be easily treated.

Get your teeth checked before planning the baby

You must have your teeth checked before planning the baby. Keep in mind, before planning a child, regularly check the teeth with a right dentist so that that gum diseases can be detected early. Also, take extra care of teeth during pregnancy; otherwise, an infection of the mouth can harm the health of both mother and child.

Important Tips

  • Brush twice a day and use antimicrobial mouthwash.
  • Brush with delicate hands so that there is no injury.
  • Antimicrobial mouthwash makes your gums 100% safe.
  • Studies have shown that mouthwash reduces gum diseases by 56% and brushing alone reduces these diseases by just 21%.
  • Along with this, take a balanced and nutritious diet, relax and take full care of yourself, so that you can give birth to a healthy baby.

It is certain that if you do not clean the mouth properly, you open the door for many diseases and infections. While you are more likely to get an infection during pregnancy, not cleaning your mouth can cause a severe crisis on the health of you and your baby. Therefore, make sure to check the teeth at the time of pregnancy and before pregnancy.

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Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on November 04, 2019

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