Leaving Oil on Your Hair Overnight Can be Harmful

Many times people advise you to stop hair fall or to grow hair and leave it overnight by applying lots of oil to the hair. But doing so can be harmful for hair health.

You have always heard that oil is very beneficial for hair. But do you know that keeping a large amount of oil in your hair for a long time can be harmful? Many times people advise you to stop hair fall or to grow hair and leave it overnight by applying lots of oil to the hair. But doing so can be harmful for hair health. Let us tell you how long oil is to be applied in the hair and what is the right method of hair oiling.

Why hair oil is important

Your hair also plays a big role in your beauty. Oils are applied to the hair to prevent weakening and to maintain shine. The oil penetrates into the skin of the hair to strengthen the hair roots, prevent hair breakage and help in hair growth. Different oils and antioxidants present in different oils have a lot of benefits, which help to make hair stronger and thicker. Therefore, it is important to apply oil to the hair.

How long hair oil should be applied

How long you should apply oil to your hair depends on your hair type. If your hair is healthy and the pH level of the hair roots is right, then applying oil to the hair for only one hour is enough, because within that time all the nutrients get into the skin and the hair gets nourishment. But if your hair is very dry, broken and lifeless then you need better conditioning, in this case, it is better to leave hair 5-6 hours at night.

Why oiling for long is harmful

Leaving oil on the hair for too long is harmful. Actually, oily hair attracts dust particles, dirt and dirt rapidly. Even if you sleep indoors, very fine dust reaches the roots of the hair easily. These dust and dirty substances accumulate in the scalp and cause dandruff. Also in 4-5 hours, your scalp absorbs the nutrients present in the oil. Therefore, keeping oil for a long time after this does not help. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin E in your body, then the problem of hair loss gets aggravated by keeping oil for a long time. It should always be kept in mind that never leave oily hair for more than 12 hours.

How to apply oil to hair

Take any oil of your choice and make it lightly warm for two minutes on low flame. This helps to increase blood circulation. Now divide your hair into small parts and apply lukewarm oil to your hair roots gently. The heat produced by the massage opens the pores of the head. But take care not to rub the oil with the palms. This causes hair to break from the roots. If you want the oil to run well inside the head, then steam the roots of your hair. For this, by soaking a large towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water and wrap your hair in this towel. Oil massage is just external treatment. If you apply too much oil, then you have to apply too much shampoo to clean it, which will make the hair dry again.

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