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Pregnant Women Should Take Special Care of These 3 Things While Traveling

Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on October 30, 2019

Pregnant women are often confused about the journey. But, with a little care, you can travel without any hassle even with pregnancy. In the current time, many working women go to the office even during pregnancy, and their delivery is also normal. But if there are complexities in your pregnancy, you have to take special care of your journey. If you are pregnant and going to travel, then you should consult your doctor first and take special care of yourself. If you take care of these things, then your delivery will also be normal, and you will also be healthy.

Traveling problems

Although there is no problem in travelling, travelling can be harmful to women whose pregnancy is at high risk. For example, long journey time, mode of travel, long journey, lack of medical facilities during the trip, etc. are some of the aspects which can affect pregnancy.

Travelling affects the diet and exercise routine of a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman needs nutritious food, rest, plenty of fluids and light excise to keep you healthy while travelling, which will keep you healthy even while travelling.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy are common complaints among pregnant women. Actually, during pregnancy, certain hormones in the body are increased, which Symptoms of nausea Reduce the body’s ability to fight.

Favourable time for traveling

Doctors do not allow pregnant women to travel after approximately 28 weeks, so choose between 16 to 18 weeks for travelling. Because at that time there is neither a possibility of miscreants nor any other problems.

Travelling in the last stage of pregnancy can be difficult, because, during that time, women may have trouble sitting for long periods, sitting in different posts, turning, etc. On the other hand, there are chances of premature birth due to the stress of travel.

Tips for safe traveling during pregnancy

Before making any travel plans, it is essential to take permission from your doctor once. Because before going on travelling, your health must be entirely correct.

When travelling, choose a seating seat in front and close to the window. If travelling by car, then sit on the front seat so that you can see the road well.

If you are travelling by plane, then definitely take breakfast, lunch or dinner to be given during the journey. If you have a light breakfast two or three hours before starting the trip, then you will have less chance of getting worse than travelling hungry stomach.

Take less salt and less fat snacks before the trip. It is better if you do not take salted potato chips or corn chips because they can increase the risk of stomach upset.

Be calm most of the time. Because the more turbulent you are, the higher your chances of becoming ill. The most effective way to keep yourself calm is to control the breath. That is, the longer you breathe, the sooner you release. Physical or mental stress Will happen on its own. Heart rate and blood pressure will also be normal.

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Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on October 30, 2019

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