5 Dirty Habits That Cause Acne on Face and Forehead, and Treatments

If you regularly have pimples on your face despite the proper care of your skin, then these 5 habits may be responsible for this.

Do you also bother with pimples on your face? It is seen in most of the people that one or two pimples will come out on their face every few days. For which they sometimes have to hide the pimples on their face with the help of handkerchief. Not only this, the pimples that come on the face are often very painful.

To get rid of pimples, many people change their creams or adopt some medicines or some prescriptions. Let us tell you today that some of your habits may also be responsible behind this problem.

Mobile Phone

Your phone is the thing that you touch the most. You eat, clean, drive and even many people use the phone in the washroom. True, your phone has the most bacteria compared to other things. Hands can be washed for cleaning hands, but the phone cannot be washed for cleaning the phone. That’s why keeping your phone glued to your face can be the reason for your acne problem. To avoid this, you can also use earphones while talking on your phone and try to keep the phone clean somehow.

Makeup Brush

If you use makeup brushes for daily makeup, then it is important to clean your makeup brushes regularly to avoid any problems. Because if you use the same brush daily, bacteria, dirt and oil accumulate in it, which causes pimples in the face. So you can wash your makeup brushes with the help of a makeup brush cleaner.

Hair Products

If you use any type of hair styling products on your hair, try to cover your face and neck. A hairspray or any other hair product can cause pimples on your face due to falling on your skin or coming into contact.

Bedsheet or Pillow Cover

If you are one of those lazy people who are lazy in changing their bedsheets or pillow covers, then you should also know that it can also cause pimples in your face. Yes, because sweat, dirt on your pillow and bedsheet cause a lot of bacteria to accumulate, causing pimples, itching and rashes in your face when exposed to the skin. Make sure that you change your pillow cover and bedsheet once or twice a week to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Your Dirty Hands

Yes, your habit of repeatedly putting your hands on your face can be a major reason for your acne problem. If you too have such a habit, change it immediately. Because while working on a computer or doing any other paperwork or other work, a lot of bacteria gets deposited in your hands and if you touch your face again and again, there are chances to happen pimples on your face. So wash your hands before eating or putting your hands on the face.

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