Yellow Fever: Yellow fever is spread by a particular species of bile fever mosquito. Especially in some countries of the world, this infection is badly spread. If you are going abroad from India, there are some countries like Africa and South America, where you must get vaccination done before going. This is important because there is a significant outbreak of Yellow Fever in such countries. You may get an infection while traveling to these countries.

What is yellow fever?

Yellow fever is an acute haemorrhagic disease caused by infected mosquito bites in humans. The word yellow indicates jaundice which may affect some patients. Yellow fever affects the whole body.

Symptoms of yellow fever

– fever
– head ache
– Mouth, nose, ear, and stomach bleeding (bleeding)
– vomiting, nausea, nausea
– Liver and kidney function related to stagnation
– stomach ache
– jaundice

How to cure yellow fever?

About 50 percent of people die from yellow fever due to its infection. But it can be completely avoided with the help of vaccination. Yellow fever infection causes fever, headache and vomiting (nausea). In severe conditions, it can cause fatal symptoms related to heart, liver and kidney.