The number of brain tumor patients worldwide is increasing rapidly every year. Therefore, to make people aware of this deadly disease, World Brain Tumor Day is observed every year on 8 June. A brain tumor is not like common cancer, so it is essential for ordinary people to know about its signs and symptoms. One of the reasons behind celebrating World Brain tumor Day is to encourage the people suffering from this severe disease to face it better and effectively.

Common Questions About Brain Tumor:

Are all brain tumors the same? 

Not all brain tumors are the same. Growth in anything in the brain is considered very dangerous, and the same applies in the case of brain tumors. There are several types of brain tumors, although it can be divided into two classes, mainly Carcinoid and Maligant tumors, depending on cancer. People between twenty to forty years old are mostly likely to have Carcinoid, and those above 50 years are more likely to have malignant tumors. Maligant tumors grow slower than Carcinoid tumors.

Are there signs of a brain tumor or cancer of the lump?

No, tumors are usually seen to be associated with cancer, although not every tumor is responsible for cancer, it is still very fatal. A brain tumor is a hazardous disease, it does not just affect the brain, but it affects the whole body because the brain itself operates the entire body.

Do all brain tumors have the same causes and symptoms?

Brain tumor symptoms are directly related to where the tumor is inside the brain. As the size of the tumor increases, there is a lot of pressure on the brain. For this reason, symptoms such as headache, vomiting, nausea, vision problems or problems with walking, problems while speaking may occur. Sometimes water starts collecting in the head due to the tumor, which in medical language is called Hydrocephalus. This condition can be dangerous for the patient.

Brain tumors are difficult to treat at first because the symptoms found in this could also be indicative of some other problem. Stuck while speaking- can also be caused by taking medicines, narcotics or alcohol. When these symptoms start intensifying, they can cause brain tumors. Other symptoms of brain tumor:

1. Headache
2. Mental and personality changes
3. Mass Effect
4. Focal symptoms.

Do all brain tumors require brain surgery?

Surgery is necessary for brain tumors. Modern methods of surgery have made its treatment much more comfortable if the tumor is not in the last stage. Measures such as microsurgery, image-guided surgery, endoscopic surgery, intraoperative monitoring, etc. are tried. However, surgery cannot be considered entirely safe, as it also has many side effects.

Can sleeping with a mobile phone pose a risk of a brain tumor? 

According to a report, using mobile phones for more than 10 years increases the risk of brain tumors by 33 per cent.