Everyone eagerly awaits for the rainy season to get relief from the summer heat. However, many people enjoy this season but there are some people who have to face troubles in this season.

During the rainy season, the temperature is low, but with the risk of many diseases increases during this time. There are some measures that can help you avoid these problems and also enjoy the pleasant weather.

Cold and cough

Symptoms such as headache, bad headache, runny nose, red eyes, sneezing, sore throat, fever, difficulty in breathing are seen when a cold occurs. If you are also troubled by cold or want to avoid it, then drink plenty of water in this season, in addition to this, definitely include vitamin-C in the diet.


Dengue is a disease that causes hundreds of people to die every year. A person suffering from this fever shows symptoms like headache, rashes, muscle and joint pain, chills, weakness, dizziness. A person suffering from dengue should take maximum liquid diet.


Chikungunya is caused by the bite of the Aedes mosquito in the monsoon. The symptoms of this disease are similar to Dengue. Headache, eye pain, sleepiness, weakness, body rash and severe joint pain are symptoms of this disease.


A person suffering from this disease shows symptoms like fever, headache, bad pain, weakness, dizziness. To avoid this disease, one should wear fully covered clothes. Apart from this, take care of cleanliness around you. So that mosquitoes carrying these viruses do not thrive.


Consuming contaminated water and food during the monsoon increases the risk of jaundice. When jaundice occurs, a person starts seeing symptoms like weakness, yellow urine, yellow eyes, vomiting and liver disturbances. To avoid this disease, drink boiled water, and eat home cooked food.


Avoid eating food outside during the rainy season. Do not eat stale food even at home. In this season, bacteria in food starts to grow quickly. The person suffering from this disease does not feel like eating food, symptoms like vomiting, weakness, headache are seen. In such a situation, try to always eat fresh food, eat food by heating it, drink water by boiling it.