The Malaria Disease Known As Swamp Fever Was First Found Here

Malaria is a disease caused by being bitten by a female mosquito due to which millions of people around the world die every year. The word Malaria originates from the Italian word ‘Mala Area,’ which means ‘Bad Air.’

According to the studies done so far, the first description of Malaria is found in China in 2700 BC. Malaria disease caused by the protozoan parasite Plasmodium in humans is also known as Marsh Fever.

The first study of malaria disease was done by a scientist named Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran in 1880.

Malaria is considered to be a hazardous disease whose symptoms are fever, headache, body pain, sweating, cold, nausea, and vomiting. Malaria is caused by different types of parasites, which is why it is considered essential to have a test for treatment.


To treat Malaria, doctors recommend you to have a blood test. Doctors prepare different slides of your blood sample and examine the parasite by microscope.

This is the traditional method. Apart from this, if you are not a medical professional and you want to check yourself or someone close to you, then you can do Malaria antigen detection tests.

With Malaria antigen detection tests, you can test Malaria on your own in a short time, which is also easily available in the market.

How to protect yourself

To protect yourself from mosquito bite and Malaria, you should:

  • use mosquito repellent cream and spray.
  • Pay full attention to the cleanliness around you.
  • If you are going to a place where there is more malaria disease, then please consult your doctor and get information about anti-malaria medicines from them.
  • Malaria mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. Note, if you find any stagnant water near you, do not forget to clean it.
  • Always dress in full arms before venturing out for your safety.

The most effective drug for Malaria

If you are not paying attention to Malaria and the symptoms arising from it, then let us tell you that Malaria is not a common disease as you are understanding. Millions of people in the world die every year due to malaria infection. It is essential that as soon as the symptoms of malaria start appearing, you should meet the doctor immediately and seek advice from them. If you get your investigation done on time, then you can get rid of the complications caused by Malaria in the future.

Although a wide range of medicines is used in Malaria, artemisinin-based combination treatments (ACTs) are considered the most appropriate for Malaria.

Artemisinin-based combination treatments (ACTs) are used not only to treat Malaria but also to prevent Malaria from spreading from one person to another.

Doctors also recommend paracetamol when the patient has a fever.

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