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7 Must-Read Articles on Anxiety

Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on March 06, 2023

Anxiety is a common and complex mental health condition affecting millions worldwide. It’s important to understand the symptoms, causes, and treatments for anxiety to manage it better. Fortunately, many great resources are available online to help educate readers about the nature of anxiety. This article will provide an overview of the 7 best articles about anxiety online. These articles have been selected based on their relevance, accuracy, and depth of coverage of anxiety.

1. 15 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress (By Jillian Kubala)

Stress and anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating for many people. The good news is that there are simple strategies to help manage these emotions and reduce their intensity. Jillian Kubala‘s article provides an overview of 15 strategies that provide quick relief from stress and anxiety so that you can better engage in your daily life.

Link to the resource: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/16-ways-relieve-stress-anxiety

2. Effects of Anxiety on the Body (By Kristeen Cherney)

Anxiety is a common psychological disorder that affects people of all ages and can have serious physical effects. Kristeen Cherney describes how anxiety impacts the body and how it can manifest itself in physical symptoms. By understanding how anxiety influences the body, readers can recognize its signs better when they occur and take steps to manage their stress levels accordingly.

Link to the resource: https://www.healthline.com/health/anxiety/effects-on-body

3. How Anxiety Affects the Body (By Anna Gora)

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can manifest itself in physical symptoms. A health writer, Anna Gora, has discussed five physical symptoms of anxiety that affect the body. She explains that each symptom indicates the body’s response to fear or uncertainty; for example, an increased heart rate is often experienced when people feel anxious or stressed.

Link to the resource: https://www.livescience.com/how-anxiety-affects-the-body

4. 9 Foods That Calm Anxiety (By Tina Donvito)

As the world becomes increasingly stressful, more and more people are looking for ways to combat their anxiety. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to calming the effects of stress, nutrition can play a major role in managing anxious thoughts. In her article “9 Foods That Calm Anxiety,” Tina Donvito dives into the connection between food and our brain, exploring how certain foods can help manage mental health issues such as anxiety.

Link to the resource: https://www.rd.com/list/foods-for-anxiety/

5. 8 Things Not to Say to Someone Who’s Struggling with Anxiety (By Lori Deschene)

Lori Deschene has shared some common phrases that may do more harm than good when trying to help someone dealing with anxiety. According to Deschene, words such as “calm down” and “it’s no big deal” can increase stress in those already anxious. She further explains that while these phrases may seem helpful on the surface, they can actually make matters worse by making the person feel ashamed or guilty for not being able to comply with the request.

Link to the resource: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/8-things-not-say-someone-whos-struggling-anxiety/

6. 4 Yoga Breathing Exercises to Combat Anxiety (By Stephanie Mansour)

Stephanie Mansour, a renowned health and fitness coach, has shared her top 4 yoga breathing exercises to combat stress and anxiety. Stephanie’s list of calming practices can help anyone feel more relaxed and in control. Not only does this help with relaxation, but it also encourages better sleep quality, which is essential for managing stress levels during these uncertain times.

Link to the resource: https://www.today.com/health/4-yoga-breathing-exercises-help-reduce-anxiety-today-t231145

7. 11 Women Share the One Thing That Helps Them Overcome Anxiety (By Catriona Harvey-Jenner)

Catriona Harvey-Jenner, a renowned health editor, has shared details of eleven women’s personal strategies to overcome anxiety. Harvey-Jenner discussed how these individuals successfully managed their anxiety and regained control of their lives. According to her, many of these women eventually found that they were able to gain greater control over their emotions by using them regularly.

Link to the resource: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/health/a20628281/how-to-overcome-anxiety/

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Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on March 06, 2023

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