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7 Careers You Can Take Up With an MPA

Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on October 16, 2023

Choosing the right degree is crucial according to your area of interest, as it can significantly impact your professional career. If you want to serve in human resources, financial administration, or community organizations, then MPA (Master of Public Administration) can be the right choice for you.

MPA is one of those degrees that offer a wide range of career choices in the private and public sectors. Different positions in public administration allow you to solve issues at the local and national levels.

Getting an MPA degree also allows you to work in policymaking, data analysis, social services, and media relations. Furthermore, it enables you to nurture policy analysis, communication, and program evaluation skills, which can be handy for the relevant positions. Individuals with this Master’s of public administration degree also become eligible for a better pay scale than those who have a bachelor’s degree. It opens the gate to high-paying opportunities for you.

Let’s find out some careers you can take up with an MPA.

1. Budget Analyst

All companies have to maintain a balance between their expenses and revenues to accomplish business goals. Budget analysts use their financial acumen to keep the finances of the company on track and to run operational matters efficiently.

With an MPA degree, you can become eligible for the budget analyst position and serve private, government, or nonprofit organizations. If you want to work as a budget analyst, then having this degree is a must.

If you are doing a job and want to pursue this degree, then you may consider leveraging distance learning programs on the Internet.

In that case, an online MPA degree will be the right fit for you. It will help you manage your schedule flexibly and save you time and effort. Furthermore, online degrees are also more affordable than on-campus programs, which is another plus point.

2. Healthcare Administrator

You may think that only healthcare professionals can opt for a healthcare administrator position, but an MPA degree can also help you get this position.

As a healthcare administrator, you play a key role in helping hospitals, healthcare facilities, and clinics to achieve their goals. From budgeting to hiring to training workers, you have to fulfill different responsibilities.

You must be aware of the standard OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines to help healthcare organizations operate accordingly. Additionally, these administrators also take initiatives to help different populations and communities in rural and urban areas.

3. Social and Community Service Manager

As a social and community service manager, you work to tackle major public administration issues. It includes elder care, homelessness, and other issues of society. You have to identify the root cause of these issues and recommend solutions accordingly.

You can work in a nonprofit company that depends on fundraising as an SCS manager. You have to create draft grant proposals and reports that show how different programs can be effective in resolving the above-mentioned issues.

4. Fundraising Manager

Nonprofit organizations solely depend on donations to run their operational matters. Your primary responsibility as a fundraising manager is to generate capital funds for these organizations. You have to establish relationships with donors by letting them know the organization’s goals and strategies to achieve these goals.

You have to understand the budgetary needs of the company and work with top-level management, such as the board of directors and CEO. Also, you need to create compelling proposals that can convince donors to provide funds. Monitoring staff and organizing fundraising events will also be included in your responsibilities.

5. Urban and Regional Planner

Professionals use their knowledge of geography and policy to manage the social, economic, and environmental implications of development as cities and regions grow. In order to understand the needs of a community and create solutions that maximize the use of available space, urban and regional planners gather information through data analysis and community meetings.

When a city annexes new land spanning several square miles, a planner may review the budget of the city and relevant reports. It helps them suggest which land should be designated for commercial use and which areas should be set aside for parks and public use.

6. Policy Analyst

Effective administration also includes specialists working behind the scenes who provide research and theoretical concepts to decision-makers. Policy analysts are an integral part of this administration. They provide useful insights to the politicians and people serving in top-level positions in government.

In order to comprehend how policies affect different populations, policy analysts work on different areas, including immigration, foreign policy, and voting trends.

Professionals in this field frequently assist political candidates in developing platforms and campaign techniques that resonate with people. They also act as advisors to an administration. These professionals can also be employed as researchers in government or nonprofit institutions, where they examine constituent demands, draft laws, and monitor their outcomes.

Political strategists can attain practical outcomes through the academic understanding and practical expertise that come from the MPA degree.

7. Public Relations Manager

Public relations managers work for organizations to create engaging stories about their achievements. PR managers strategically create messages, such as press releases or social media postings, that are directed toward targeted audiences. They play a key role in helping their employers achieve objectives.

These experts prepare statements on behalf of the corporation because they are the organization’s only point of contact with the media. A public relations manager working for the government may hold news conferences to explain how new policies will impact the general public.

This is a managerial role that involves approving advertising and corporate event budgets as well as managing employees such as copywriters and spokespersons.


MPA is one of the most diverse degree programs that gives you an edge over other candidates with fewer qualifications. It offers plenty of career opportunities which you can consider according to your area of interest.

With so many career options, it can be confusing to make the right choice, so you need to analyze your interests, passion, and skillset. It will help you to choose the right position that will help you achieve your career goals and get your desired pay scale.

Published on October 16, 2023 and Last Updated on October 16, 2023 by: Priyank Pandey

Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on October 16, 2023

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