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Hypothyroidism Meal Plan: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on October 25, 2019

The thyroid can be controlled by taking nutritious diet, the diet chart of thyroid patients should be like this.

The thyroid is a very essential gland. This gland is located in the lower part of the throat. The thyroid is also known as a silent killer. Because its symptoms do not appear together. If it is not treated on time, a man can die. If it was a gland, it is very small, but it contributes a lot in keeping our body healthy. 

The thyroid is a type of endocrine gland, which is responsible for the secretion of certain hormones. If the thyroid gland stops functioning well then many problems start in the body. The secretion of hormones from the body is affected. But even if the thyroid gland is more or less active, it still affects the body.

Thyroid problems occur due to irregularities in lifestyle and eating habits. If food and drinks are taken care of in the beginning, then there is less possibility of a thyroid problem. We give you information on how to get a diet chart of thyroid patients.

Diet chart for thyroid patients 

  • Include foods in your diet chart that are rich in iodine. Because iodine content affects thyroid function.
  • Iodine is found most in marine organisms. Seaweed, sea vegetables, and fish contain a lot of iodine.
  • Consuming a diet consisting of copper and iron also increases the dioride function.
  • Cashew, almond and sunflower seeds contain copper content.
  • Green and leafy vegetables are rich in iron.
  • Paneer and green chillies and tomatoes are beneficial for thyroid ganthi.
  • Eating a diet that contains vitamins and minerals increases thyroid function.
  • Onions, garlic, mushrooms are rich in vitamins.
  • Consumption of less fatty ice cream and yoghurt is also beneficial for thyroid patients.
  • Thyroid patients should also drink cow’s milk.
  • Coconut oil also increases thyroid function. Coconut oil can also be used when making vegetables.

Thyroid patients should not eat these foods – 

  • Do not consume soya and foods made from it.
  • Junk and fast food also affect the thyroid gland. So do not make fast food your habit.
  • Foods such as broccoli, cabbage weaken the thyroid function.

Thyroid patients should follow a diet chart, as well as regular yoga and exercise are also necessary. Regular exercise also increases thyroid function. If the thyroid problem is increasing, then contact the doctor.

Published on October 25, 2019 and Last Updated on October 25, 2019 by: Priyank Pandey

Priyank Pandey
Written by Priyank Pandey on October 25, 2019

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