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5 Exercises You Can Do at Home to Make Your Feet Stronger

Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on September 17, 2019

By the way, people use the gym to keep the body healthy. But every body part can be exercised at home. Everyone knows that exercise is very important for the body. But it is often seen that people prefer to exercise their stomach or chest. Little attention is paid to the feet. But actually exercising the feet is equally important. If you want strong and shapely legs, then you can resort to these lower body exercises at home.

Feet exercise not only makes it shapely, but also keeps them healthy by strengthening them. These healthy legs support you not only today but also tomorrow. As you get older, your knees are first affected. It is necessary to have strong legs to maintain your mobility in old age. So let’s know some exercises that will make the legs healthy and strong.


Fitness tenor Sameer Sharma says that although squats are done in many ways, you can practice basic squats. It is the best exercise to reduce and strengthen leg weight. To practice this, first of all, keep both your hands open in front and stand straight and pull the chest slightly outward. Now slowly bend your knees and sit as if you are sitting in a chair. Keep your knees equal to the feet. Now slowly bend down and bend until your thighs are equal to the ground. Keep the body very tight. Now start these sit-ups here. Breathe in while going down and exhale while coming up. You can do two to three sets of 12 squats.

Mountain climbing

To perform this exercise, stay in the position of pushups. During this time you keep a straight line from head to heel and from shoulder to wrist. Now bend the knees while bringing the right leg forward, as if your right knee is moving towards the left shoulder. Then with the right foot back, come to the position of pushups and now repeat the same process with the other leg. You can do 10 to 12 mountain climbs like this.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is an aerobic cardio exercise, which not only reduces weight fast, but also increases the strength of the legs. To do this exercise, first stand up straight. After that, bounce up and raise the hands and spread the legs. After that return to normal state. In this way a jump was completed. In the same way, by repeatedly jumping, spread the arms and legs. You likewise do two to three sets of ten jumping jacks.

Side leg raise

To do this exercise you lie on the left side. At this time, your right leg is over the left leg. Also during this time, you should bend your left hand and place the palm on the head and the other hand should be on the floor. Now raise your right leg as much as possible, and hold it for a while. But do not bend your knees at this time. Then bring the foot back down. You should do three sets of 15-15 each side.

Basic jump rope

This is an excellent fat burning exercise. Also, it also makes the hands and feet strong. If you jump rope every day even for ten minutes, then you see a difference within a few days. So do include this exercise in your exercise routine.

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Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on September 17, 2019

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