You must have heard the word vegan many times around you, this word has become quite common nowadays. You will find many people around you who follow veganism. Have you ever thought about what veganism is?

Veganism is a vegetarian diet in which people do not eat animals or their products. These people do not include any dairy products like milk, eggs, meat, cheese, or butter in their food. This diet contains only vegetables.

People adopt such a diet for morality and the environment. They try to maintain the balance of nature by not using any animal products. Some people do this because they do not want to kill an animal or steal calf milk for their own selfishness.

The vegan diet consists of leguminous plants, grains, and seeds. It also includes fruits, vegetables, and everything that is produced by plants such as nuts and dried fruits. People on a vegetarian diet try to include all types of foods to stay healthy and the optimum amount of protein and nutrients.

To be healthy in this vegetarian diet, people try to include the maximum amount of all types of food, protein, and nutrients in their diet. But that does not mean that this diet is the best. Before you leave your regular diet and adopt a vegan diet, we are telling you about its merits and demerits so that you can make an easy decision.

Advantages of Vegan Diet

1. This diet consists of food rich in antioxidants, which prevents the chronic disease from occurring. It also protects against diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.

2. It does not contain cholesterol at all, and even it has very low saturated fats. It reduces the risk of significant problems and keeps your heart and body healthy.

3. Animal life is also saved by this diet.

4. It also helps in protecting the environment and also reduces your carbon footprint.

5. It helps in controlling your diet and your food.

6. A vegan diet helps you lose more weight by reducing your calorie intake and increasing protein intake.

Disadvantages of Vegan Diet

1. Completely eliminating animal products from your food can cause deficiencies in the body. Your body needs vitamins and minerals like calcium and omega-3, which are found in meat and dairy products.

2. Lack of protein and minerals in the body can aggravate your existing disease or lead to significant health problems.

3. You can weaken your body in saving animals and adapting to the environment.

4. You will not be able to eat outside food because there are restaurants that serve vegan food.

5. In a vegan diet, you need to depend on other sources for adequate nutrition. Due to which your digestive system can get upset, it can cause discomfort and weaken your digestive system.

6. You will cut a lot of calories from your diet, and then the loss of calories can also lead to weight gain.