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Grapefruit Diet Review: A Quick Weight Loss Diet

Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on October 25, 2019

The Grapefruit Diet or Hollywood Diet has been followed since 1950. It is a quick weight loss diet that has various versions. The diet is based on principles in which some enzymes present in grapefruit encourage fat loss and thus faster weight gain. Some people claim that you can lose more than 10 pounds after 12 days with the Grapefruit Diet.

Grapefruit Diet: How to Follow It

During the Grapefruit Diet, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, one can eat a cup of grapefruit (or faded grapefruit). The Grapefruit Diet meal plan contains very low carbohydrates and calories (about 800 calories per day). On top of that, breakfast, lunch and dinner contain limited calories. You can have high-fat meats, coffee and tea, while you can eat grapefruit dye. When you are dieting, avoid exercise, because your diet contains very few calories.

Grapefruit Diet: Does it work?

According to experts, grapefruit diet can result in weight loss. However, if grapefruit contains a substance that promotes weight loss, it is not known. But some results indicate that grapefruit weight loss A good component of the diet. Also, fruits are good for health and when you are trying to lose weight then Grapefruit Food, direct materials to reduce weight.

Grapefruit Diet: Pros and cons

Grapefruit diets are useful for weight loss but have many disadvantages. To reduce weight, grapefruit is highly valued. Experts say that any diet that contains very few calories helps lose weight, so there is nothing magical in the grapefruit. Also, grapefruit plan limits calories intake, this cause temporary weight loss. You are bound to gain the weight right back. If you eat more, it can result in increased weight while dieting.

Grapefruit Diet: Drug Interactions

While on the grapefruit diet, there is a possibility of drug interaction risk. It may increase the risk of drug poisoning and some medicines have adverse effects, such as-

  • Statins
  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs
  • Increase pressure on the immune system
  • Calcium channel blockers

Before starting a grapefruit diet, consult your doctor if you are at risk of adverse drug interactions.

Published on October 25, 2019 and Last Updated on October 25, 2019 by: Priyank Pandey

Rakhi Joshi
Written by Rakhi Joshi on October 25, 2019

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