Syphilis Disease Check-Up in Pregnant Women, Protect Babies

Researchers say that the lives of millions of children can be saved by checking syphilis disease in pregnant women. Syphilis kills five million infants annually. Researchers say that the lives of millions of children can be saved by checking syphilis disease in pregnant women.

It is believed that every year five lakh babies die due to syphilis. There are a large number of fetus in them.

The highest number of deaths from syphilis comes from African countries.

In recent research conducted in Britain, experts found that the number of deaths of infants due to screening of women and use of antibiotics could be half.

According to a report published in the science journal Lancet, 41,000 women were included in the research.

Syphilis is a disease caused by sexual contact due to which wounds are formed on the skin and after that it severely affects the heart, mind, eyes and can even lead to death.

A syphilis infection from the mother may also be present in the unborn child. It is also called congenital syphilis.

In many countries, policies have been made about this disease, under which pregnant women are screened. But this kind of investigation is still not prevalent in poor countries.

Recommendation to check for syphilis at the time of HIV screening.

According to an estimate, only one in eight pregnant women in the world is tested for syphilis.

Every year 2 million women suffering from syphilis become pregnant. In two-thirds of these cases, during or after delivery, problems occur.

In many cases, babies are either born dead, or they die after being born.

Researchers at University College London say that the mandatory screening of pregnant women can reduce the death of unborn babies by 58 percent.

It can also reduce cases of congenital syphilis.

The author of the report, Doctor Sai Hawks, says that syphilis should be tested only during HIV screening.

If syphilis is detected in a pregnant woman, mother and child can be protected from the 28th week of pregnancy by giving antibiotics.

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