Child Afraid to Talk, May Have a Sign of Asperger’s Syndrome

Many times we see that children have trouble getting around with new people or they are hesitant and afraid to talk to strangers. In class, children do not raise their hands in response to the question and despite knowing the answer, they are unable to tell.
We usually ignore such problems as children’s shame or hesitation. But sometimes these habits can also indicate any mental disorder in the child. One such mental disorder is Asperger’s syndrome. Let us tell you what is Asperger syndrome and what are its symptoms.

Symptoms of asperger syndrome

  • Unable to talk with eyes and stop speaking
  • Being a bit confused while talking
  • Arguing on common things and getting furious over trivial matters
  • Humans become insensitive like – Do not laugh at jokes or be happy
  • Also show no special interest in catering.

What is asperger syndrome

In a person suffering from this disease, two types of things are seen again and again. First, he is smart like the others, but is also very confused and in trouble on social issues. Second, he focuses on one topic and talks but there is repetition in his antics, that is, he keeps behaving the same way again and again. Although it is not such a dangerous disease. After research conducted in 2013, physicians consider it as part of autism spractor disorder.

Children are more prone to this disease

This disease is more common in children than adults. If you see the above symptoms in your children too, contact the doctor immediately. This may require going to one or more physicians. Generally, it is diagnosed by a mental health specialist i.e. a neurologist. The neurologist diagnoses it based on symptoms and the psychologist diagnoses it based on the child’s behavior and feelings. For this, the doctor may ask you about your child’s behavior and activities.

Therapies that can cure this disease

The child’s brain development is done through therapy. For this, social skill training, speech language therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, parent education and training etc. are done. Apart from this, if the situation is not normal, then the doctors also prescribe medicines.

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