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Are You Making Your Child Fat with Forced Feeding?

Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on September 15, 2019

Parents often think that the more their child eats, the healthier they will be. Many times, the children themselves are reluctant to eat, so some parents forcefully feed the children. But let us tell you that forcibly feeding children can be dangerous for their health. Most of the obesity in children is due to the stubbornness of the parents to eat in the beginning. Let us tell you how forceful feeding can affect the health of children.

Children become obese

If children are insisted on eating every single grain left in the plate, they stop understanding their body signs and eat until their parents are happy. In this case, children eat more than their body needs. The calories obtained from eating extra food are stored in the body in the form of fat, which makes the child obese. So always feed the children as much food as they want or as much as they want to eat.

Children do not get nutrition

Parents’ insistence on forced feeding may make children obese. Actually eating food is also a separate science of the body. To get the food properly digested and to get maximum nutrition from it, it is necessary that the food eaten was eaten with full desire and happiness. In such a situation, when you forcefully feed the children, their body neither gets nutrition from that food nor is the food fully digested. The chemicals that are needed to digest food are made solely from the food eaten with juice.

Problems of weakness and lethargy

Excessive feeding causes a kind of neurobiological imbalance in the body. Once its level falls in the body, the child feels weakness and remains exhausted throughout the day. In such a situation, when the child becomes a victim of obesity, then he always has to eat something to maintain energy in the body. Although, the person eating repeatedly keeps feeling gilt by this habit, but the situation has become such that he cannot do anything by wishing.

Cholesterol and heart disease

Feeding excess food increases the cholesterol level in the child’s body, affecting both the heart and the brain. Increased cholesterol can cause many serious heart diseases such as heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Therefore, do not forcefully feed children. If children repeatedly refuse to eat food, then feed them some healthy foods of their choice but do not force them.

Feed fiber healthy things

If the child is reluctant to eat food, then feed him some diet that nourishes his body and he can eat it easily like dry fruits, milk, vegetable soup, oatmeal etc. All these foods are high in fiber, so the intake of them keeps the stomach full and all the nutrients needed for the body are also available.

Published on September 15, 2019 and Last Updated on November 29, 2019 by: Priyank Pandey

Lalit Shahi
Written by Lalit Shahi on September 15, 2019

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